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High Energy Physics Group
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Minerva Detector in Hall         Welcome to my webpage in the High Energy Physics Group at the College of William and Mary! I am currently working in the high-energy group on the MINERνA experiment, which is a neutrino scattering experiment using the NuMI beamline at Fermilab. The goal of the MINERνA experiment is to measure low energy neutrino interactions, in order to support neutrino oscillation experiments and also to study the strong dynamics of the nucleon and nucleus that affect these interactions. The high-energy group at William and Mary is working on the construction of the detector modules for the experiment. MINERνA is expected to begin taking data in 2009.

        We have several students who are working on building the Minerνa detectors: Ian Howley, Kevin Sapp, Colton O'Connor, and Dave Edmondson. Here are some photos of the people in the high-energy group constructing one of the detector planes for Minerva!

High Energy Physics Students

Here is a photograph of me and the undergraduate students working on Minerva. From left to right: Ian Howley, me, Kevin Sapp, and Colton O'Connor.

Other Research Interests

Picture of me in front of G0 detectors         Visit my homepage at Jefferson Lab to find out more about research projects I have worked on at Jefferson Lab. These goal of these experiments is to investigate the strange quark contribution to nucleon structure using parity-violating electron scattering. In addition, we performed measurements of the transverse asymmetry in electron scattering, as these asymmetries are sensitive to the imaginary part of the two-photon exchange amplitude, another very interesting bit of physics.

Allyn Powell and I working on the G0
detectors in the cleanroom at Jefferson Lab

        On my JLab webpage, you can also find copies of my CV, publications and presentations lists, and links to my Quantum Diary, a web diary that I kept along with 35 other physicists from across the globe during the 2005 World Year of Physics of a public outreach project to introduce people to the excitement of being a physicist.

High Energy Physics Group

Here is a photograph of the High Energy Physics Group at William and Mary. Staning, from left to right: Ian Howley, Stephen Coleman, Jeff Nelson, Dave Edmondson, Colton O'Connor. Seated, from left to right: Sarah K. Phillips, Trish Vahle, Mike Kordosky, John Kane. Not pictured: Kevin Sapp, Bob Welsh and Morton Eckhause.

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